Roadworthy Isn’t Always Roadworthy

A car with a safety certificate may say it’s roadworthy now. But will it still be roadworthy 10,000 kilometres from now?

We always take the car for a road test for noises and engine rattles before we hoist it up, remove the wheels, and check what’s going on underneath. We:

  • test the brakes,
  • test the battery,
  • pressure test the cooling system,
  • test for stray current,
  • test the coolant and brake fluids,
  • check the colour of the oil and for contamination and grit,
  • check tyre pressure for air leaks, and
  • perform a safety check on the car’s horn, seat belts, lights, and controls before providing you with a comprehensive written report on our findings with recommendations for required repairs.

Because all our pre-purchase inspections include this comprehensive report, you’re better able to negotiate the sale price with confidence.

Our pre-purchase inspection takes about 30 minutes. But if you can’t wait, we’ll work with your needs and timeframes to make a suitable arrangement for you.

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For your peace of mind, get in touch with our qualified mechanics and arrange a pre-purchase inspection before buying your next car.

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